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Does usage of modeling tool achieve requirement for Semi-formal notation?

Of course not. I’ve experienced that they use Simulink tool as a drawing tool. They really spend too much for drawing tool. They should choose visio. It is great for drawing. Their Simulink modeling was not met for syntax and semantics.

I’d like to ask. Do you really think that usage of such an expensive tool can achieve semi-formal notation requirement?

Specifying semi-formal notation means that the design explains itself and it is able to  implement. But what if there are syntax errors? Then, it does not meet for semi-formal notations requirement. The design cannot explain itself. There maybe several ways of interpretations. But it is not the intention of semi formal notation requirement.

If you try to use UML diagram, then please consider syntax and semantics. It is really important. Do not use it just for “drawing tool”. You are not an artist. and it cannot be an art. Please do engineering, not art.




IEEE-Std-1016-2009 Systems Design — Software Design Descriptions

아키텍처를 어떻게 기술할지에 대해 고민스럽다면, IEEE Std 1016-2009표준을 보는 것이 도움이 될 것이다. 42010이 더 최근 내용이기는 한데, 하나의 내용을 이해했다면 다른 것도 어렵지 않게 이해할 수 있을 것임.