Resource reduction for functional safety projects

How can we reduce resource in the functional safety project?

It is easy to say that we develop perfectly and reuse without modification for the next project. But how?

  1. build platform to support functional safety project.

  2. build library asset for functional safety project.

These projects are not customer based project. But I believe they are most important.

in these projects, every work products have to be produced and they should be linked to individual customer project. To achieve them, additional project team has to be organized and it consists of best experts.

Is FSM a Manager or an Engineer?

As a functional safety manager, someone focus on safety engineering while the other person focus on management. Nowadays I realize that safety engineering is different from safety management and they require different technique or skills.

Safety engineering is do something for his own knowledge, while safety managing is not engineering. He makes plan and determine schedule.

In some ways, they are quite different. It would be great if a person covers both functional safety engineering and functional safety management. But I’m not such a person. I’m more close to functional safety manager than functional safety engineer.

To be a manager, managing skills are required. I think project manager can take a functional safety manager role if he study ISO 26262, but it would not be easy to be a functional safety engineer.

As a functional safety manager, I use management tools(confluence, JIRA, Polarion etc) fluently to manage. I think it is essential. But for safety engineers, it is not mandatory.

I’ve never distinguished between two roles before. Now I realize uncovered fact.

Similarity between Academic paper and Requirements

When researcher writes academic paper, one of important thing is to make structure. Usually research is one’s own study so it is hard to understand for people who are not interested in the topic. So s/he has to consider how to reader can understand easily.

S/he also consider internal consistency for better understanding.

I realized that writing requirement is quite similar to write an academic paper. If requirements are written without consideration of structure, it is hard to understand. Readers cannot understand what are system’s sub systems, what are functions allocated to sub-systems.

It is not technical point of view. But if they are not clear it is hard to defense against audit, because auditor will confuse it and will not understand what you are saying.

Then s/he will not give a good grade.