[DO-178C] Requirement와 관련된 glossary

Domain이 다르다고 dictionary의 meaning을 다르게 하면 초초초보가 제대로 이해를 할리가 없지. 그런의미에서 자동차쪽과 살짝 차이가 나는 용어의 개념들을 가져와 봄.

개인적으로는 항공쪽의 개발 표준 Concept이 훨씬 좋다. (어디까지나 개인의 취향임.) Automotive SPICE나 ISO 26262보단..


The DO-178C glossary defines software requirement, high-level requirements, low-level requirements, and derived requirements as follows:

• Software requirement-“A description of what is to be produced by the software given the inputs and constraints. Software requirements include both high-level requirements and low-level requirements.”

• High-level requirements-“Software requirements developed from analysis of system requirements, safety-related requirements, and system architecture.”

• Low-level requirements-“Software requirements developed from high-level requirements, derived requirements, and design constraints from which Source Code can be directly implemented without further information.”
• Derived requirements-“Requirements produced by the software development processes which (a) are not directly traceable to higher level requirements, and/or (b) specify behavior beyond that specified by the system requirements or the higher level software requirements.”



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